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Tape and Float

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The term “taping and floating” is used to describe the way sheetrock is finished after it is hung on a wall or ceiling.  After the sheetrock or drywall is hung on the wall or ceiling, the “tape” is applied to the joints where the sheetrock is joined with mud or joint compound.  This helps hide the joints so that the wall or ceiling looks seamless and finished.

“Floating” is done after the tape has been applied and simply means that there is another layer of mud or joint compound applied on top of the tape to smooth out the joint.  

Taping and floating walls and ceiling is part of any home building’s construction process and very crucial.​​ That's why its extremely important to find the right contractor. If tape and float isn't done properly, it can cost more money in the end, throw off your schedule, and ruin your walls completely.

We advise you to use us to put up  your sheetrock as well as tape and float your walls since we are familiar with the detail that needs to be put into your walls. 

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